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the storm at the heart of the sun...

he is ancient and forever

The Doctor

you know my name;
The Doctor. 906 years old if you ask him, well over 1000 in reality. World saviour, last of the Time Lords, general meddler.
[strengths] Brilliant, extensive knowledge of physics, aliens, timey-wimey stuff, parallel universes, you name it. Charismatic, when he's not completely annoying. Speaks a ridiculous number of languages, and those he doesn't understand, the TARDIS translates for him. Psychic, though he's actually not as good at it as many other Time Lords, and only uses it with permission. Good at thinking on his feet and running.
[weaknesses] Really rather arrogant. Tends to not pay much attention to other people's feelings unless you smack him and force him to. Blames himself for most everything that goes wrong around him, makes promises he can't keep. Prone to taking on huge problems alone, and trying to protect the people he cares about by not letting them help. Nearly suicidal tendency of jumping headfirst into dangerous situations.

never stopped running;
[babylon wood] The Doctor is from almost the end of End of Time, just before he decides to step into the radiation chamber. Because the Wood has the worst timing. Or the best...

[trans 9] The Doctor comes in from the very end of End of Time, just before he got back to the TARDIS. He is very glad to not be dead. Not so happy about that whole universe destruction thing.

look me up;
This journal contains spoilers through "End of Time". Proceed at your own risk. You don't need to ask to friend me, though I'll probably only friend you back if it's a character journal and the Doctor knows that character.

the Doctor plays at: babylonwood trans_9
the Doctor writes at: justprompts sunday_reveries

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